Mona Picasso

Andrea Picasso was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to the beach town of Mar Del Plata at 8 years old. It was here that she first fell in love with the sea and started surfing. After 6 years of grueling studies she got her degree in architecture and a ticket for her first solo trip to Costa Rica, a decision that would shift her lifestyle forever. It was on this trip that she would discover a new part of herself that was just itching to surface. In a strange land, far from her loved ones at home, she found a community of women that surfed together, worked together, got homesick together and raised families together in the jungle. She had once again fallen in love. This time not only with the sea but with the freedom found in creating a life for herself surrounded by nature and people that inspired her every day.

In this new life, she followed her original passion for design and coupled it with her love for surfing. She wanted to design functional swim suits, yoga, and fitness apparel with vibrant stunning prints. Her dream was to have everything ethically made in California.

She called her brand MONA which means female monkey in Spanish but is also an old-school way of describing a cute, refined girl. The name MONA represents the perfect combination of an elegant girl rooted in her wild and raw true nature.

Since those first suits, MONA has grown a lot and so has her family. Now she can be found streaking by the lineup of some pristine beach between California and Costa Rica with her husband and baby boy cheering from the shore. She's the creative genius and founder of MONA but she will tell you herself that MONA was something created through her, not by her. Her focus on building community and viewing her work as play has attracted the dedicated team she works with and the free lifestyle she lives. That is according to her, the real story of MONA.